Criminals are getting much braver when it comes to pulling off jobs and trying to escape from the cops.

Illinois Crime Was Like Scene Straight Out Of Action Movie

According to, 

When I share this story with you, I'm guessing you're probably going to think it's a lie and that I stole the whole idea from the scene out of an action movie. The incident happened in the early afternoon around the River North neighborhood of Chicago. Which is a nice area by the way.

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A group of car thieves attempted to steal a vehicle. Since it's a busy location during the day, a couple of cops saw the crime being committed. They were able to stop the theft but the suspects took off running. While being chased, one of the criminals jumped onto the hood of the getaway car. He held on tight and rode it all the way for his escape. By the way, they ran into a patrol car and the guy still didn't fall off. Chicago police are searching for that crew.

Could you imagine driving down that street at the time and witnessing a car flying away from police with a man riding on the hood of the vehicle holding on to the windshield wipers for his dear life? Pedestrians are probably looking for the cameras and wondering what movie is filming there.

According to, 

A suspected car thief escaped arrest by jumping on the hood of a getaway car during a chase Tuesday afternoon in the River North neighborhood.


When officers approached, one of the suspects ran and jumped on the hood of a Lincoln sedan that was being used as a getaway vehicle, police said.

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Say cheese, Illinois!

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