Who's ready for chocolate chicken? Hey, I know some folks who would not back off from that opportunity. The closest I will ever get is mole (moh-LAY) sauce at Mexican restaurants, which I love. Dark chocolate is an ingredient but it doesn't taste overtly like chocolate.


Back during the holiday season, I was surprised to learn that the iconic restaurant chain actually seems to be more popular in JAPAN than in the United States. That's arguable, certainly, but that nation celebrates multiple holidays with the colonel. At Christmas, I discovered, it's a must.

This all might beg the question, "So what holidays do the Japanese people celebrate that we also celebrate, other than Christmas?" I haven't done that research yet, but that's because I'm focused on what they like for Valentine's Day.


Now, over here, traditionally, it's a gift-giving occasion--usually a box of candy, flowers, that sort of thing--and that may be the case over there, too. Well, chocolate is NOT out of the question, but it's presented in a way that comes as news to me.

While I absolutely cannot eat chicken wings without some kind of dipping sauce, CHOCOLATE has never been my sauce of choice. But it's quite big in Japan.

It seems chocolate-dipped wings and tenders are all the rage for Valentine's Day. Who knew? And, really, if that sounds intriguing to you--and I have actually SEEN someone dip tenders in chocolate sauce from those big fountains at Golden Corral (so gross)--it's quite easy to make. And no, they are not on the KFC menu; this is a DIY activity.


All you have to do is break up about three chocolate bars--you might want to put them in a bag and crush them. Afterward, pour the broken-up chocolate into a big glass bowl and place it on top of a pot of very hot to boiling water. Constantly stir until the chocolate has melted to the point where it's liquefied. Then, sort of "paint" your wings or tenders with the sauce and, voila, chocolate-dipped chicken.

So if it's a culinary adventure you're after this Valentine's Day, there you go. As for me, I just don't have the HEART to go there.

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