When it comes to faking sickness to obtain a day off, Missourians are trained professionals according to a new ranking that says the Show Me State is a top 10 place for fake sick days.

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I would have written this sooner, but I was *cough* not feeling well. Ahem. Money Penny shared this interesting study about how many Americans call in sick and why. They say overall 50% of workers admitted to calling in sick even when they weren't. That means the other 50% were lying, but I digress.

That made me curious about Missouri and Illinois. I found a breakdown by Zippia that shows Missouri is a top 10 offender for days off when no sickness is really happening.

Infographic, Zippia
Infographic, Zippia

Back to the Money Penny article, I find more facts fascinating. Of the people who called in sick, a vast majority were either the CEO's, owners or managers. By far, a higher percentage of managers called in sick when they really weren't than regular work staff. That explains the crowd at the golf course today.

Monday was also the most likely day to call in a fake sick day. Noted.

What's the takeaway from these surveys? First, people are either lying (or lying to themselves) if they say they haven't taken a sick day when they weren't sick. Everyone has done it at some point. Everybody. Does management take the days off because they think they're more likely to get away with it since they're the boss anyway? I don't know because I'm not a boss. However, it appears my Missouri brethren are better at it than just about any other state in America and I'm proud.

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