It was recently released that Tim McGraw is going to be displaying his acting skills yet again in the upcoming Christian film "The Shack." 

I read this book several years ago and was absolutely hooked from the moment I picked it up.  The movie is based on a novel by William Paul Young.  The story paints a picture of Mack Phillips played by Sam Worthington and his spiritual journey.  After his daughter is kidnapped from a family camping trip he begins to question his faith and what he truly believes about God.  Then comes a letter that takes him to a shack in the middle of Oregon woods, this is where he encounters three strangers, one being Papa, played by Octavia Spencer, who lead him to an understanding of what has happened to his daughter.
McGraw plays Willie, friend to father Mack, in the film. Even more exciting Tim McGraw and wife Faith Hill released a new duet for the film called "Keep Your Eyes On Me."   Check it out!
Several country artists rallied to make the soundtrack of "The Shack."   I have got to get this ASAP!
 Before you head to see the movie, grab the book.  It is totally worth the read!


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