My 4th of July weekend was pretty standard. Mom told me she was going to grill baby back ribs and chicken. I'm in of course, but Dad pointed out this when I walked back on to the deck.


What in the holy heck is going on? Have you ever seen daddy long legs clump together like this? When Dad first pointed I only saw one, then I scanned right over to the coven. I was not scared but I was dumbfounded. What are they up to?

First of all, they are NOT spiders. They are of the arachnid family, but they are more closely related to scorpions than spiders. They can also bite but their fangs are almost too weak to penetrate human skin. Yes, there is venom, but it's never been proven to harm humankind. I also found out they do indeed clump together sometimes, but scientists aren't sure of the reason. Uh, I really hope I don't encounter a clump this large. YIKES!



Here are some more fascinating facts about daddy long legs.