The New England Patriots Super Bowl title is old news, but comedian Daniel Tosh is not ready to accept it.

The Comedy Central personality went after Belichick, Brady and the entire New England organization for the cheating they've been accused of over the years.

What's more, Tosh -- a Miami Dolphins fan -- even takes time to attack Brady's wife, Gisele, calling her "a talking horse model."

Sour grapes, since he roots for a team that hasn't been relevant since Dan Marino was under center? Perhaps. But that doesn't change the fact he may be saying some things that people have thought, but never let pass their lips.

So, while you, like the rest of America, may be suffering Deflategate exhaustion, just know Tosh won't let it slide so easily.

We're not expecting the Patriots to respond. They're probably too busy planning their next questionable tactic, like moving the goalposts two feet to the right, adding chlorine to the visitors locker room or coercing the sun to be extra shiny so it deflects too much light off their helmets as to distract opponents.

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