Spring is in full swing, along with everything else my second-favorite season has to offer. (Fall is number one, in case you were wondering.)

We enjoyed a picnic at Rough River Lake this weekend, the yard looks good, and the birds are as loud as ever.

Oh, and yes, the fish will soon be biting--which is only fair, considering the amazing catfish I enjoyed late last week.

Did I mention catfish? Why yes I did. Kentucky's fishing lakes are about to begin stocking their lakes with catfish--and that includes those in Daviess County.

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This Tuesday, the lakes at Panther Creek Park, Yellow Creek Park, and Waymond Morris Park will be loaded up with catfish. And if the fishing bug is a serious issue with you or someone in your family, the lakes in other nearby counties will be doing the same thing.

Madisonville City Park Lake South in Hopkins County and James D. Beville Park Lake in Grayson County will start Tuesday as well.

Combined, the lakes in Daviess County will be stocked with 2400 catfish--800 at Panther Creek, 1000 at Waymond Morris, and 600 at Yellow Creek.

In fact, if you want to plan ahead, the catfish stocking schedule is available for April, May, AND June at the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife's website. So if you miss out this month, it looks like you'll have ample opportunity to make up for it.

And if you feel like it's high time you started or you need to renew, click here to get a fishing license.

I don't fish, but I have on a few occasions and enjoyed it, so maybe I don't pull any weight here...but maybe, at these fishing lakes, there should be a dispenser nearby full of cornmeal, lemon juice, black pepper, and garlic.

No? Okay...then how do you like YOUR catfish?

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