This is pretty cool.  Owensboro Health has teamed up with Daviess County Public Schools for a bicycle safety event Friday, May 15th.  Ya'll know that helmets are key to bicycle safety.  I can tell you that I was glad I had one when Jaqclyn and I biked from Memphis to Owensboro for St. Jude.  They may not be the most fashionable accessory (and, full confession, I look ridiculous in them), but they provide critical safety and protection while riding.

Owensboro Health knows that as well and has generously donated over 250 helmets for distribution tomorrow from 11am to 12:30pm CST.  Those distributions points will be at three different DCPS Feeding Program locations: Burns Elementary (4514 Goetz Drive), Meadow Lands Elementary (3500 Hayden Road), and Sorgho Elementary School (5390 Kentucky 56).

Three different helmet sizes will be available: Extra small, small/medium, large.  Basically, the extra small helmets are intended for children between the ages of three and six.  Small/medium helmets typically fit children ages 6 to 11.  Large helmets fit kids 11+.

However, an important note to pass along about determining which size you need for your child.  Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing guidelines will be in place tomorrow during the distribution event.  That means that kids wanting a helmet will NOT be able to try them on.  But, to make it easy and accessible, the helmets will be organized by size.

The helmets for tomorrow's event were made possible by funding from the Owensboro Health Foundation.

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