I saw a recent post on Facebook about our upcoming showdown with real winter weather, and I had to laugh.


I'll have to paraphrase, but it went something like, "Remember when we were kids and we'd have to get up at 6 AM on snowy mornings to learn if we were going to school that day? Now, parents just get a text." SUPER-convenient. I know texting is low-level technology in 2022, but still, it would have been VERY nice to have that kind of technological option back in the day.


Then came COVID-19 and this infernal pandemic, and things are a little different, due to remote learning. When that process began on the fly back in the spring of 2020 (good Lord, TWO YEARS), the ramifications regarding snow days didn't occur to me. Will the kids officially be off from school or will they continue remote learning?

Well, a press release from Daviess County Public Schools we received Wednesday sheds some light on that situation. It's a new plan called "DCPS@Home" and it will allow the continuation of at-home education in the event of the kind of inclement weather that would shut down schools.


Should Daviess County schools be closed for a day because of snow, that will be regarded as a regular "snow day," and there will be no DCPS@Home activities. It will be a traditional weather-related day off and will be made up according to the DCPS Make-Up Day calendar--one you can find at dcps.org.


In case of school closures lasting more than one day, a DCPS@Home day will be designated. For elementary school students, packets containing five days' worth of assignments will remain at home. These assignments will also be posted at dcps.org/athome. When the specified days are announced, the assignments will go "live" and schools will let parents know which assignment from the packets will be due on a given day.

For middle and high school, teachers and administrators will utilize Google Meets wherein students will log on at specified times and remain throughout the session and will complete assigned work.

A big thing Daviess County Public Schools wants to convey is that DCPS@Home isn't meant to introduce NEW material. It's a program that will stress learning that has already happened inside the classroom. Also, DCPS@Home days will not need to be made up at the end of the year.

Again, for more information, consult the Daviess County Public Schools' website.

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