This weekend, I don't know why, but I decided to try and charge my nine-year iPod Nano and see what would happen. What happened was a miracle. Here's the story, in letter form. It's really a dying art folks! 

Dear iPod Nano (1st generation, I think),

Back in '07 we began a journey unlike anything I've ever experienced before. Gone, were my Walkman, my Discman, and my 1G mp3 player. You were my first Apple product. Somehow, I always end up giving in to trends, except for 'Game of Thrones', I don't watch it and stop telling me to watch it! Oh, right I'm writing a letter to a thing, not a person. All right, I'm calming down.

We enjoyed many walks together, walks on treadmills and on ellipticals, times when I was bored and music was the only thing that would grab my attention or, cliche', cheer me up. I filled you with Cher, Abba, Blake Shelton, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Pistol Annies, kd lang, Tori Amos, Kiss, PRINCE (sob!), Whitney Houston (again, sob!), Macklemore, Missy Elliot, Cyndi Lauper, Jennifer Holliday's version of "And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going" from the original 'Dreamgirls' album, which is the best version even though I love Jennifer Hudson's, and many, many more tunes.

A few years ago, you were in a bad mood and you laid the white screen of death on me. You still played on, but your menu had vanished. I know I should've had you professionally checked, but I put you in drawer, perhaps never to be played again. I never forgot our time together. This past Saturday, I thought "I should give my old friend another chance", so I plugged you in and THIS HAPPENED!


Did the Apple gods shine down on you?!? You were back! I sat and listened to you for almost two hours, then when I decided to turn you off and let you rest, your white screen returned. I find it ironic I used this image/track to capture what was left of your magic. I called Apple and nothing could be done, you were, in their words, "obsolete". I tried one more way to save you, by restoring you, which meant taking all of those songs away.

We had a good run for seven-ish years and two hours this weekend, good night.


PS: I wasn't laughing when this answer came up in my crossword.