Though Brian and Janice Smith recently announced they are in the process of selling Diamond Lake Campground and Resort, they are still hard at work on the 2021 season, which features some new events for campers.  One such event is the 2021 "Slow" Box Derby, which is an absolutely hilarious take on the classic Soap Box Derby.

Yesterday, on Diamond Lake's official Facebook page, the Smith family published the rules for the event.  Take a look!

Diamond Lake
Diamond Lake

As you can see, Rule #1 outlaws current, past or future Soap Box Derby cars.  Naturally, those cars are built for aerodynamics and speed.  That's the antithesis of a "Slow Box Derby."  LOL.

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This inaugural event is set for Saturday, July 31st and is open to campers and members of the public who'd like to compete.  The event will be timed and cars MUST be able to turn corners.  It's all fun and games until your vehicle runs into a camper, a lawn chair or right into Diamond Lake.

And I think this may be my favorite rule of all.  Drivers will be considered disqualified if they cross the finish line OUTSIDE of the car.

In addition to a Fastest Time award, there will also be awards for Best Design and Most Spirited.

The Slow Box Derby continues Diamond Lake's tradition of hilarious activities and sports- like Hillbilly A-Lympics and the classic Cardboard Boat Race, which Angel and I tried, rather unsuccessfully last year.

Diamond Lake is located on Hobbs Road about 12 miles outside the city limits of Owensboro.


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