I will not eat a cheeseburger. And, because of that, I get the looks. And the comments. "Who doesn't like CHEESEBURGERS?!?"

Well...ME. I don't. For one, I don't like the taste of cheese with beef (with the exception of pizza burgers, but that's mozzarella, which doesn't put up much of a fight in the taste department). Secondly, I don't like cheese touching condiments. I find that revolting.

My burger will have pickle, onion, ketchup, and mustard, and it will make me very happy. But now, I'm getting concerned about 25% of my happiness.

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It seems that restaurants are running low on ketchup. I certainly hope that is short-lived.

As much as I don't like condiments touching cheese, I do like condiments. And I absolutely LOVE ketchup. Not on EVERYTHING, like some folks, but I love it.

Last year, when COVID-19 reared its very ugly head, those condiment caddies disappeared from restaurant tables, in the interest of safety.

Instead, we were given packets of ketchup, mustard, whatever. And that was fine with me. What's not fine is the prospect of me jonesing for some French fries and there being no ketchup available.

Also, those packets were very handy for takeout/to-go orders.

But, I'm jumping the gun. It's not the ketchup itself that is in short supply; it's the container in which we get it.

Plate IQ says that restaurants just aren't ordering BOTTLES of ketchup anymore. That means that it's those PACKETS that are at a premium. And let's face it; over the last 12 months, we have all gone through a LOT of those ketchup packets.

With restaurants still relying on them for in-house dining and call-in orders, I can see the problem.

Maybe they can keep the bottles off the table, bring them as requested, and then wipe them down when patrons are finished with them.

Because I know America; we love our ketchup. And for some, yes, on EVERYTHING.

[SOURCE: LEX-18/Lexington]

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