Last night several people looked up to the night sky and saw something odd, a spiral-looking light moving slowly across the night sky.  It had many perplexed and wondering what they just saw, and the answer is pretty cool!

Evansville Watch posted a video of the spiral light around 7:00 PM on January 31st, it was said to be visible for about 15 minutes.  But what is it?  Looking at the video it almost looks like a strange UFO or something, but it's actually a spiral vapor trail from a satellite!

According to a Facebook post by meteorologist James Spann here's what you saw:

Getting lots of photos like these across the southern U.S. tonight. It was the spiral vapor trail from the orbital burn for COSMO-SkyMed Second Generation satellite over the middle of the U.S. The SpaceX Falcon 9 launch was earlier this evening.

Interesting, right?  If you didn't catch it for yourself, EvansvilleWatch has a video they shared that captures the spiral vapor pretty clearly.  They shared the video with this caption:

What's your thoughts?
Sent in tonight from Dominick S, this video shows a strange spiral light moving across the night sky. This video was taken around 30 minutes ago in the tri-state. The "light show" lasted around 15 minutes and was moving from the northeast to southwest.
Did anyone else see it?
I didn't catch this in the night sky, but looking at it in photos and videos I can imagine it was pretty wild to see in person! I think after watching the movie Don't Look Up it has me a little weirded out at any sign of a weird space phenomenon haha! But thankfully instead of an asteroid like in the movie, it was just a spiral vapor, which I will happily take!

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