So many people have started purchasing items off local social media sites.  It's important to meet in a safe trade spot and we have one right here in Owensboro.


In 2017, the Owensboro Police Department became a part of the Safe Trade initiative across the United States to keep the rise in online transactions safer for all those individuals meeting to make a purchase.


According to Safe Trade

The idea for SafeTrade originally came from a Milwaukee, Wis., police officer, Lisa Saffold. She first suggested it in 2012 in interviews after a series of robberies connected with transactions initiated on Craigslist.


Angel here and this conversation sparked while talking with my oldest son, Parker.  He called to ask if I would go with him to meet a guy wanting to buy some subs from him that he was selling on Facebook.  I immediately told him about the OPD Safe Trade spot.  He had no idea what I was talking about.  I had him call the guy and ask him to meet him there.  The first thing the guy said was I don't deal with police.  I told my son that should tell you, you shouldn't deal with him.  I advised him to take someone with him.  It is awful to say but very true you just can't trust people.  The Owensboro Police Department is going above and beyond to keep our community safe.


No sell is important enough to put yourself at risk.  The Owensboro Police Department is safe and open to the public 24/7 with surveillance.

Please follow these guidelines when using OPD for Safe Trade:

No trailers
No large trucks
No wide loads
No hazardous materials












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