How many times does the phrase, "do not believe everything you read", have to be repeated before it sticks in peoples' heads?

Michael Scott has never said a more incorrect statement that so many people subconsciously believe.

How does Olive Garden tie into this? Hold on, with all due respect to the OG, how about highlighting their most popular menu items?

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Now, for the major heartbreak for those who believed something too good to be true.


A social media post from "Olive Garden" has been spreading around social media faster than parmesan shooting out of the little thing the server cranks on over your favorite dish.

Specifically, a Facebook post was written by the "new" CEO of Olive Garden informing fans of his new gig starting March 28, 2022. In honor of it, he would be sending vouchers to anyone who liked, commented, or shared the post.


First of all, not to take a deep dive into Facebook's algorithm but they HATE what brands blatantly ask for all the aforementioned interactions, Meta wants it to be natural.

Also, if something seems that easy and too good to be true it's probably not true.


The post, which has since been deleted, was from an "Olive Garden" account that did not have a blue checkmark. If a NATIONWIDE brand doesn't have the blue checkmark, meaning it is a verified account, it's fake. F-A-K-E.

This falls under the same reminder to do research before believing what you read online and on social media. I'll spare you the rant on that for another time.

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