While driving home, Monday evening, through South Carrollton in Muhlenberg County, I noticed something off to my left.

It was a lot of Christmas lights. A LOT OF THEM.

So I had to go investigate. I encourage you to do the same thing.

I don't know who's house this is (although I bet I will now), but they have done an outstanding job with their Christmas light display.

Dave Spencer
Dave Spencer

By the way, it doesn't sit right on the road and, unfortunately, I don't know the name of the tiny street where the house is. But again, if you're heading north, look to the left. If you're heading south, look to the right.

And, by all means, drive back in there and take a closer look.

In fact, there are houses like this dotting the landscape all through the countryside. So, as you hit the road this Christmas, take a look around. And I hope we have more clear nights before rainy Christmas, so we can all enjoy the full effect.


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