DoorDash is a common service in Illinois and has been since for a few years. It's safe to say the coronavirus pandemic helped make the delivery service even more relevant. I was a "DoorDasher" for a day and quickly learned it was not for me. Uber and Lyft were more enjoyable for me. Both services take steps to ensure driver safety but what about the safety of the customer?

DoorDash Raises Estimate For Initial Public Offering
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A woman in Belvidere, Illinois ordered food as she normally would but little did she know she was going to get more than she expected, Actually, something was missing from her order- the food itself. This would lead to something completely unexpected but also serve as a reminder to other customers.

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Mehr Ahmed says she placed an order as she normally would. She received a text through DoorDash's service that included a photo of the food. Oddly enough, the order never actually arrived. After a closer look at the pic, it was obvious the food was photographed on the driver's seat. It was not sitting somewhere proving it had been successfully delivered.

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Photo Provided

As anyone would do in this situation, Mehr sent a text through the DoorDash app to the driver questioning where the food was. This is when something happened that no one would ever expect. Instead of responding with a text the driver called her and threatened her.

She called me back swearing at me and saying not to come at her crazy, that knows our address and phone number and she will be shooting us all. She hung up.

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It isn't just the phone call that rattled her, it's the fact this driver her address. She did call DoorDash customer service but there wasn't much done on behalf of the delivery service at the time. They refused to share the driver's full name and contact information, which the woman requested in order to file a police report.

They have kicked this up to their “safety office” and they will call me back in TWENTY FOUR HOURS!!

DoorDash finally followed up with her about the situation and clarified that they had terminated the driver. Mehr told me directly that a DoorDash representative said they are taking this situation very seriously and will cooperate with law enforcement.

Let this be a reminder to be vigilant, and safe, and report anything threatening to local law enforcement. You can read her full social media post here.

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