Kids love zoos. My favorite school or camp field trips were always the same, it was going to a zoo. It didn't matter which zoo I went to, I just wanted to go. What child doesn't like getting an up-close look at animals they saw while watching National Geographic or reading Ranger Rick?


I'm pretty sure at some point every child wants to work for a zoo. They want to hang with the animals, become friends with them, and live happily ever after. The reality is most kids go home at the end of the trip and only wish to own a tiger or monkey. If you're Joe Exotic or Carole Baskin you might take that obsession a little too seriously. Don't do that.

Children looking at tortoise
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A Zoo in Illinois is giving both kids and adults the opportunity to experience what it's like to be a bonafide zoo keeper.

Summerfield Zoo
Summerfield Zoo

Summerfield Zoo in Belvidere, Illinois is home to many rescued exotic animals. It's a great zoo in Northern Illinois that the entire family will enjoy. As a way to get guests even closer to some of those animals, the zoo is holding a contest.

What will you be doing as a zoo keeper?

You'll be front and center during this four-hour experience. Throughout your time as a zoo keeper, you'll be feeding, cleaning, and meeting the animals. Don't worry, it will be a safe and personal experience. It's also a rare opportunity. You can learn how the contest works here.

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