When you look around you, hopefully, you see a lot of kindness. Even though it seems that fewer and fewer kind things or actions happen, they still happen. We don't see much kindness in the media, but people do choose kindness every day.

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Kindness is a choice. When faced with a situation, you can choose to be kind or choose to not be kind.

I like to think that when given a choice, I would always, without a doubt choose kindness. But, Sometimes it's hard to make that choice when emotions are involved.

I hope I would, when given a similar situation, I would react like a southern Indiana woman that I saw post her thoughts about a visit to a local Evansville restaurant in a Facebook group I belong to. I wanted to share it with you, as a reminder and example of how we should behave, what we should do, and how we should react when we don't get our food for a half hour at a restaurant.

I am not going to name the place but share an experience. Yesterday I was with a group of 10 at an Evansville, locally owned restaurant that in the past has provided good food and service. As with so many places, they are struggling with staffing and the result yesterday was a 1 1/2-hour wait to be served barely edible food. The skeleton staff was working hard, trying their best to serve the customers but seemingly falling short at every turn. At one point, several of our crew were needing drink refills. I went to the kitchen door and asked if I could help with refills. The 2 servers were so very appreciative and instantly gave me a pot of hot coffee. I went to our table and refilled cups and then offered other patrons a warm-up as well. The responses were so interesting... everything from a simple thank-you to a stare that would make you think I had 3 heads. I was not and am not looking for praise but simply hoping that others might respond to situations with kindness as you are able. We live in a tough world but random acts can be such blessings.

- B.H.

To the woman who got up to help the servers, THANK YOU! You are an example of what kindness is and all that is good. Hopefully, we will learn from your example and be better humans.

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