Usually animal control is full of cats and dogs, but today a pig and a rooster are needing some help too! 

Photos by Linda Barnes Drake
Photos by Linda Barnes Drake

Meet Porkchop and Rooster they're an interesting duo that have found their way to Evansville Animal Control. Now they are needing to find their forever homes, but due to their uniqueness they have some strict guidelines.

You see they cannot live within city limits. But they will not be euthanized, and will not be sold for slaughter. They are to be pets only! So if you or someone you know has a big heart and can meet these qualifications please consider adopting them. In the meant time if you can't adopt, but want to help Another Chance for Animals has asked for donations of vegetables as veggies are an important part of Porkchop's diet! "All Veggies can be Dropped off at Evacc Monday- Saturday 10a-5p!!"

Here's what my friend Linda says about the two:

Let’s try this again! Porkchop ( female pig) and rooster are both past stray hold. They will be adopted out as pets only! The adoption fee is $50 for pig and $5 for rooster. These are very reasonable adoption fees! We WILL find them a good home and will hang onto them until we do. They will not be euthanized or sold for slaughter. Anyone interested in adopting for a pet can do so at Evansville Animal Control. 815 Uhlhorn

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