Food Network is still called Food Network, but you'd be forgiven if you thought they changed it to the Guy Fieri Network.

He is arguably the network's biggest star, and he has the lineup to back it up. Nearly every time I visit Food Network, there's Guy Fieri. I searched a list of shows and specials he hosts or has hosted and came up with 17. And that doesn't count those he's produced, but I think I will count one of those...his newest.

New Food Network Series Focuses on Small Town Cuisine

As the producer of Best Bite in Town, Fieri dispatches host Noah Cappe and two Food Network chefs to smaller American cities to examine their culinary offerings. They then present their favorite dishes from the selected restaurants to a panel of chefs who, in turn, determine the "Best Bite in Town." Here's the result from the series premiere in Davis CA:

Food Network Comes to Paducah KY

This Friday, we'll learn what Noah Cappe and the chefs fell in love with in Paducah KY:

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Airing Friday, May 17th at 8 PM Central/9 PM Eastern, the restaurants featured on the upcoming episode are Strickland's Seafood, Starnes, Gold Rush Cafe, Cork Room, Branch Out, and Artisan Kitchen. I'm especially excited because we have paid more than a few visits to Branch Out (a plant-based restaurant)--and tried something different each time--and sang its praises on the way out the door every time.

I have not had the privilege of dining at the other establishments that will be in competition, but it's certainly something to look forward to. I'm a big fan of Paducah, and its restaurant scene has always been impressive. It's great to see it in the spotlight.

Best Bite in Town: Paducah will re-air on Food Network Saturday, May 18th at 11 PM Central/ Midnight Eastern and Sunday, May 19th at 1 PM Central/2 PM Eastern.

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