As I walk throughout my day, sometimes I feel as if someone is near me. You know that feeling you have when someone is behind you and then you turn around and there actually IS somebody there. But, what about those times you feel something and nobody is around. Visually, you can't see anyone or anything there with you or near you? Those are the moments I'm referring to, the moments when you have to wonder if what we see is really all that's there.

Some people, like me, believe that angels or spirits are around us, helping to guide us and sometimes just mess with us. Others, like my co-worker, are very skeptical. There is no right or wrong way to believe because we don't know for sure.

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But, wouldn't it be cool if there IS more going on around us than what we can see? Like in the movie The Sixth Sense. The dead could see us, but only a few could see them. We don't find that out until the end of the movie, which was a crazy, awesome twist.

My new friend, Mathew, had ghostly figures show up in a batch of photos he had taken outside of the historical Paramount Arts Center, in Ashland, KY. Just when you think all is as it appears, you see a photo that makes you question what was really there, right in front of you.

Here is what happened and a look at the photos.

I went to Ashland, Kentucky a few times last year to take photos of the old Paramount theatre with my old film camera.
I took multiple photos of the place.
Mathew Miller/Facebook
Mathew Miller/Facebook
All of them look like the first photo. Clear and clean.
But the second photo seems to have two figures crossing the street on the cross walk. Maybe a man and woman? I don’t think it’s a trick of the light. Like I said, all the other photos came out just like the first, except for this one.
Mathew Miller/Facebook

[video width="1600" height="1066" mp4=""][/video]

To me, it looks like ghosts of theater past clinging close to a place that they loved. I love the photo. Thank you so much to Mathew Miller for allowing me to share his photos with you.

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