When it comes to proposals, you could say I have had some experience. Not doing the actual proposing, but being proposed two. It's not like I'm some great catch or anything, I've just had two husbands who both proposed totally different. I think that is why when I saw recent public marriage proposals, on social media, I could relate and wanted to see what you thought of private marriage proposals versus public marriage proposals.

A very public proposal happened earlier this month LIVE during a Kentucky TV station's weather broadcast. The boyfriend of a meteorologist, doing a LIVE weather forecast, interrupted her and got down on one knee. You could tell she was totally surprised. At first, I was like awwwwwwwwww, then I watched it again and again with different thoughts.

I felt like this was a very bad idea. Yes, it gives the feeling of a shouting love from the rooftop kinda vibe, but even that doesn't ask a question that could put someone in a very difficult effect the rest of your life for everyone to watch.

It wasn't cute to me, it was super cringy. I felt like she couldn't say no even if she wanted to. See what you think, take a look.

Even though I felt very awkward for the woman being asked for her hand in marriage, it looks like she didn't feel awkward at all. Looks like this VERY public proposal was a risk worth taking. They both look very happy. Congratulations to them both.❤️

What do YOU think of very public proposals?

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Are public marriage proposals ever a good thing? Here is what people think.

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