People ask me from time to time, "Moon, what's your favorite song". My response has been for at least 40 years, Gordon Lightfoot's "The Last Time I Saw Her". Yesterday, Gordon's 75th birthday, seems an appropriate time for me to share this with you. The You Tube video is not the original recording, but is a great representation of the song as he sings it in a live performance. When I first became acquainted with the tune was around 1971. In Louisville, at WINN, my music director, the late Al Risen, was a real musicologist. I asked Al, "What's this song mean". He said "Anything you want it to mean". I love that. Later that year, that song became so meaningful to me as it helped me through a really rough period in my life. In later years, many of Gordon Lightfoot's songs became favorites of mine. In 1983, his tunes led me to a fellow Lightfoot lover, Debra, who became my wife. So, happy birthday Gordon Lightfoot, a contemporary troubadour for certain.



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