I have some sad news to share this afternoon.  Moon Mullins, my former morning show cohost here at WBKR, has passed away.

Moon Mullins
Photo by Miles Snyder

Moon spent about ten years with us here at WBKR and officially retired from radio in June of 2014.  He enjoyed an illustrious career that landed him a spot in the Country Radio Hall of Fame.  In fact, on his final day here at WBKR, a variety of country music stars called the station and took to social media to wish Moon well as he started the next chapter in his life . . . retirement.

He received some amazing farewell tweets from Martina McBride and Darius Rucker, received tremendous amounts of love and support from WBKR listeners, and he received in-studio phone calls from some of the biggest names in country music!

Reba called in . . .

Rascal Flatts called . . .

Brad Paisley joined in the action . . .

The guys from The Band Perry phoned in and, in typical Moon style, Moon was disappointed that their sister didn't call him instead.

And, giving him one of the most hilarious send-offs possible, Kizzy wished Mooner a big farewell.  This is an absolute must listen.  It's a scream and a perfectly fitting tribute to the man, the myth, the legend!

Since Moon's retirement, he battled a variety of health problems, but always seemed to bounce back.  But, unfortunately, his retirement was cut short this week.  Moon passed away Tuesday morning.

We know he had an impact on many of you.  And he certainly made an impact on us.  He was hilariously dry, stubborn as an ox, woefully inappropriate at times, hopelessly devoted to the New York Yankees and perfectly content at home where he liked to nurse a scotch or two each evening.

To me, he wasn't Moon.  He was Mooner.  That's what I started calling him the moment he asked me to join him on The WBKR Waking Crew.  I wouldn't be on this show today if it wasn't for Moon back then.  I know that.  And I will be forever grateful to Mooner for it.

And his wife . . . well . . . she was Mrs. Moon.  She got a nickname too.  And we're thinking of Mrs. Moon today. And our thoughts are with her.  Moon told me repeatedly how lucky he was to have Debra and how much he loved her.  He always said he's lucky to have found someone to put up with him and all of his crap.  His words!  LOL!  Not mine. I told you he was hilariously dry.

And, of course, we're thinking of Mooner.  And there's at least comfort in the fact that though his microphone may have been silenced . . . we'll never forget what Moon Mullins sounded like.  That's the power of radio and a true legend of the business.  Mooner's voice will loudly and proudly carry on.


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