Brad and Marilyn Rhoads are the Co-founders of Grace Marriage. A Marriage Ministry that engages couples to put their marriage under the grace of Jesus Christ.

Before stepping into Grace Marriage, Brad practiced Law in Nashville TN before starting his own Law firm Rhoads & Rhoads. Marilyn, counseled with children at Counseling Associates before deciding to use her talents at home raising their 5 children.

They both talked about what it was like to follow God’s will at the cost of leaving successful careers behind to start Grace Marriage.

Why Grace Marriage?

Marriage is Worthy of Great Investment

Marriage is analogized to the relationship between Christ and the Church and should be life-giving and full of grace. The Bible begins with a wedding and ends with a wedding. Our most important horizontal relationship should be prioritized and invested in. It’s that important. People should watch believers be married and be drawn to Jesus and marriage.

Crisis is Everywhere.

Right now, there are marriages in your churches that are suffering from stagnancy, complacency, and crisis. If they do not start bringing life and intentionality into their marriages, they will end another painful statistic. Leadership time and resources are poured into crisis intervention, but we must get ahead of the crisis to thwart it. Unless many married couples are engaged with an effective structure immediately, they will not be married a year from now.

Benefits of Marriage Coaching:


  • Establishes an effective ongoing marriage ministry structure.
  • For all marriages.
  • Wellness focus.
  • Reduce crisis counseling.
  • Promotes church unity and community.
  • Not a burden on the church budget.
  • Not a drain on pastoral time.
  • Proactive not reactive.
  • Promotes church involvement.
  • Implementation piece to Biblical marriage teaching.
  • Refreshing, not condemning.


  • Simplify your life! Have space to be strategic and intentional.
  • Grow. In knowledge, expertise and implementation.
  • Connect. With your spouse and other couples.
  • Have fun. Take a break, think, pray and plan.
  • Settle your mind. Withdraw from stress and demands. Find peace, rest and clarity.
  • Reduce anxiety. Manage your life, think and plan.
  • Experience rewards. Invest in and enjoy your marriage.
  • Motivation. Be encouraged in grace and get motivated to protect and grow.
  • Hope. Thinking and planning brings hope and change.
  • Make a difference. Change your marriage. Motivate others. Start a cultural movement.
  • Only takes 6 hours every 90 days!

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