The acclaimed Spanish guitarist, Maestro Francesc de Paula Soler, will perform tonight at 7:00 at Woodlawn United Methodist Church, 1120 Woodlawn.

Soler, called “Poet of the Guitar,” is a native of Barcelona and internationally hailed as one of the most notable artists in the guitar world. He is the cultural ambassador at Kentucky Weesleyan College. The concert will include music of Spain and Latin America, a panorama of the contemporary guitar and jazz, swing, be-bop and blues.  It is free and open to you but a donation would be appreciated.

 A Washington Post review of his work said, “Soler showed himself to be unusually sensitive to color and rhapsodic rise and fall of phrases. He played dazzling solos with his left hand on the fingerboard, unleashed a battery of right-hand percussive effects on the body of the guitar, and engaged in some creative pitch-bending on blues-tinged melodies.”