Guns & Hoses 14 returns to the Ford Center on Saturday, April 9th (2022), just eight months after Guns & Hoses 13 took place in the same arena back in August. This time around, another 30 first responders, some newcomers along with several seasoned Guns & Hoses vets, representing local police and fire departments, as well as emergency medical services will step between the ropes two at a time and duke it out over the course of 15 fights for 911 Gives Hope, and to help their team take home the coveted Guns & Hoses championship belt.

To date, the annual event has nearly $2 million for children with disabilities right here in the Tri-State. An impressive feat when you think back to its beginnings at the Evansville Coliseum before moving to Roberts Stadium and now the Ford Center. I imagine if you ask any member of the 911 Gives Hope board, they would tell you they would have never expected this event to become as big as it has.

Personally, I think the not-so-secret to its success is largely due to the Tri-State's compassion and willingness to help those in our community who need it, especially kids. I also think it has to do with all the effort the board members put into making it more than just a boxing exhibition. It is a full-blown entertainment spectacle. There are video boards, pyrotechnics, and each fighter walks out to their own personally selected walk-out music. It's awesome! Take a look at this video from a few years back at Guns & Hoses to see exactly what you're in store for.

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And here's a look at how the fighters make their way to the ring from Guns & Hoses 13.

Speaking of the fighters, let's take a look at the matchups that will take center stage when the bell rings that night.

911 Gives Hope
911 Gives Hope

LOOK: Full List of Matchups for Guns & Hoses 13

The annual charity boxing event returns to the Ford Center on Saturday, August 28th, 2021, and will feature 30 fighters in 15 fights battling it out for personal pride, the Guns & Hoses team championship belt, and 911 Gives Hope.

**Card Subject to Change**

Great seats are still available for Guns & Hoses 14 with many as low as $15. Get yours today at the Ford Center box office or

Meet the Guns & Hoses 14 Fighters

Guns & Hoses 14 will take place April 9th at the Ford Center in downtown Evansville and is currently scheduled to feature 26 fighters facing off in 13 fights. Each fight features three, one-minute rounds with a panel of judges deciding the winner after the conclusion of the final round if a knockout or a stoppage by the referee doesn't end the fight before that.

Here are a few of the fighters getting ready to step into the ring to raise money for 911 Gives Hope this year*.

*Card Subject to Change

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