These are stories that just break my heart, but also joy knowing that these puppies will have a better life.

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The Animal Cruelty Task Force followed a tip they received about a large number of puppies and dogs being mistreated and in poor living conditions in Joplin. That tip resulted in 41 puppies being recused by the Humane Socity of Missouri (HSOM). According to,

The organization said the homeowners voluntarily agreed to turn the animals over to the task force. The property where the dogs were found at was "littered with junk, rusted machinery, and dilapidated vehicles that the dogs had been confined to."


When talking with the owner of the dogs, it was determined that one of the dogs was hit by a car and never received the proper care, and other puppies were not given the proper veterinary care. My heart just breaks for these puppies who can now get the care and love that they need and find families that will take care of them the way dogs need to be taken care of.

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The HSOM responds to over 10,000 reports a year and travels all over the state of Missouri to shut down puppy mills and recuse any animals that live in hazardous conditions.

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