Max is an 18 month old "morkie" mix and is missing. His family desperately wants him home. Can you help?

This family has really had more than anyone should have to bear. Their daughter, Corey Millay, was killed July 27th in a tragic car accident, and just last month they lost their niece, Sherry Millay, to cancer. This family NEEDS their precious fur-baby back home soon. Please take a good look at Max. Does he look familiar? Can you help? Let's try and bring Max back home where he belongs. His collar wasn't on at the time so there's no identification.

Cindy Nolen Millay via Facebook
Cindy Nolen Millay via Facebook


Somehow the gate was unlatched and he wandered off in the Thoroughbred Acres/Bittle Road area and hasn't been seen for a few days now. He isn't a roamer, very much a stay at home dog. Many people are helping, but no luck thus far. Have you seen Max?

Please call - (270)485-6099 or (270)926-7399

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