Evansville, Indiana needs a Bass Pro Shops. Who do we need to talk to to make this happen?

As you know, there is room for a lot of new businesses to come to town, especially with the new The Promenade. The Promenade is already seeing a few businesses stake their claim in the acreage on Burkhardt Road like Academy Sports, Mr. B's, Costco, and The Fresh Thyme Farmer's Market already thriving. The Promenade plans to make the area a premier residential, business, and entertainment district, so this would be the perfect spot to add a few new businesses that Evansville doesn't have already.

There has been a lot of businesses open up in Evansville over the past few years. Most of which have been restaurants. They are all great and all, but many residents have been clamoring for something that we don't have already in the area. One business in particular that would be great to have here in Evansville is one that I have heard several people mention a lot throughout the years.

We Need A Bass Pro Shops In Evansville

Yes. A Bass Pro Shops in Evansville, Indiana would be huge. When you think about it, having one here actually makes a lot of sense. We live in an area where so many people enjoy doing outdoor things like hunting, fishing, boating, and camping. There are several lakes, fish and wildlife reserves, and campgrounds in the Evansville area. So rather than driving two or three hours to the nearest Bass Pro Shops to get all of the necessities needed to enjoy these things, why not bring one here?

If I remember correctly, there were rumors a few years ago about them wanting to build one near Bluegrass Fish and Wildlife Reserve. That would have been an ideal place for a Bass Pro Shops. However, it was either just a rumor, or plans clearly fell through. With the rise of the Promenade on Evansville's east side, I think now is a good of a time as ever to revisit this idea.

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A Boost in Tourism and Economy

I already mentioned one of the main reasons why Evansville should have a Bass Pro Shops in the section above. Yes, are an ideal market based on those features. However, it wouldn't just be great for residents to visit. Having a Bass Pro Shops in Evansville would be worth so much more to the community. Think about this, it wouldn't just be Evansville and surrounding area residents visiting. Anyone who knows someone who loves Bass Pro knows that they will travel a few hours to shop there. That would be no different if there were one here in Evansville. Imagine having one here, you'd see people from Kentucky, Illinois, and other parts outside of the Tri-State area traveling to Evansville to shop at Bass Pro Shops.

It would be a huge tourist attraction and provide a boost to the local economy. As you know, if you're going to travel to a place like Bass Pro Shops, you're going to want to stop somewhere to eat and perhaps check out some other cool places in the area too. Putting a Bass Pro Shops along or near I-69 would not only make it easy to find but in an area with other attractions/businesses folks can visit. Am I making a convincing argument yet?

Let's Make This Happen!

Look, I have no say in what businesses should come to the Evansville area. However, I know that if the demand is there, it would be foolish not to consider bringing one to town. Besides, "if you build it, they will come." Hopefully, enough people react positively to this that decision-makers make a strong consideration for bringing in a Bass Pro Shops to Evansville.

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