Cameras catch everything these days.  Sometimes it's unfortunate for some and it's a good giggle for the rest of us.  Watch this fall at the Beaver Dam Fire Department.  No worries she's alright and laughing too.


Is this girl related to me?  Angel here and we want you to meet Paige Smith, a Volunteer Firefighter for the Beaver Dam Fire Department.  We asked Paige why she got involved as a firefighter;

"...I’ve wanted to do it (become a first responder) for a while, I enjoy doing anything that allows me to be active, physical, and hands-on. I want to help out in my community in any way possible. I figured it would give me more "first hand" and direct experiences with assisting in emergency situations and better prepare me for my near future with going into law enforcement"

Paige is working to become a police officer and has recently submitted an application for the Owensboro Police Department.   She attended OCTC in 2019-20 to complete general education requirements and take courses specific to law enforcement.  Then began working in security for Ohio County Health Care in March of 2020 where she is still employed full-time while volunteering with the BDFD in her time off.  We hope she took some time off after this fall y'all are about to see LOL!


Most Fire Departments have cameras in their buildings and we are so thankful this one did.  The BDFD got a call and Paige was wasting no time getting to the rig and BAM it happened.  Paige's partner Maddie took the video and made a TikTok out of it and added music and we are dying;


Apparently, Paige can't stay on her own two feet any better than I can but she took the fall like a champ and got right back up.  Go PAIGE!

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