A Missouri man has just shared his encounter with a Bigfoot years ago which still troubles him today. He claims the creature was either hunting him or deer and had "eyes that glowed yellow".

The eyes were 6 to 7 feet in the air when he saw a creature move

One of my favorite YouTube channels, Sasquatch Theory, shared the following backstory about a Missouri man named Ryan and his Bigfoot encounter:

In this episode, I get in contact with a lifelong outdoorsman from Missouri! He had a close encounter with a bigfoot while observing wildlife in his tree climber one evening! Ryan describes the creature as having the lung capacity of a horse or large predator. He also describes the strange amber/yellow glowing eyes from the Bigfoot-like creature. Still to this day Ryan is bothered by his experience and wonders if it was hunting him or the deer in the area.

There are many aspects of Ryan story which are unique and not typical of other Missouri Bigfoot encounters.

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Ryan mentions that it began on an old logging road in Gasconade County where he was trying to get to his hunting stand. While he did see some doe in the distance, it wasn't deer that caused the problem for Ryan. He said that around twilight as it was beginning to become dark, he noticed that nearby turkeys and deer suddenly were looking behind him. That went on for several minutes.

He eventually turned around to see what had the attention of the wildlife. It suddenly became very quiet...almost total silence. The deer then bolted away from Ryan's area and eventually he figured out why.

As Ryan was descending from his stand, he heard a grunt. Something very large had exhaled. When he reached the base of the tree, he saw two glowing yellow eyes appear from behind a tree. He thought it might be an owl, but this was no bird that Ryan was dealing with. The eyes were 6 to 7 feet in the air when he saw a creature move.

Ryan is convinced he was being followed by a Bigfoot. Was it after him or a deer? No way to know, but fortunately it went away from him and Ryan was able to leave the property and get back to safety.

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