I love writing about real estate and showing you beautiful pictures of million-dollar homes, but this one home has a very unique feature to it.

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The home for sale is listed for $729,000 in Lincolnwood, Illinois, and is your typical Mid-Century home with fun features throughout. However, when you take a closer look at the living there is something there that might scare you to death. I know when I first saw it I had to do a double take.

Home in Illinois Has Everything Including A Creepy Mannequin

Not sure why the owners of the home are using the mannequins, but I am sure it's a little creepy when people walk through and see them. They also look extra scary. I guess if you want to get potential buyers' attention this is one way to get the point across. It's not the updated kitchen the big windows, the rooms or bathrooms. Nope, I have a funny feeling all they are going to remember is the creepy mannequins.

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