The order was passed down Monday morning from Governor Andy Beshear that bars would close and restaurants would close their dining rooms on the strength of COVID-19 concerns.

So what do you do if want to go out to eat? Do what the governor suggests and order take-out or delivery and help support these businesses.

Obviously, there are tons of drive-throughs at the fast food establishments. And there are casual dining places that offer curb service for take-out.

But all restaurants offer take-out and that sounds like a good plan.

There are also services you can utilize during our "hunker down" phase.

Big O Takeout is a good example. You enter your address, pick a restaurant from the list provided, and chill until your food gets there.

Do you have the Waitr app downloaded on your device? It's a delivery service that comes with a $5 fee, but you can order as much as you like from your favorite restaurant.

Owensboroans can also access Door Dash, a delivery service that, at present, delivers for 57 restaurants in the city.

We're in a huge period of adjustment, unlike anything we've ever experienced. It's time to adjust accordingly.

So, in the meantime, if occasionally letting someone else do the cooking is part of your lifestyle, that doesn't have to change.

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