Hey guys! I'm so excited because this afternoon I'm headed up to Louisville, KY, to attend my third KY Oaks/Ky Derby!

If you have never been, it's quite the experience. Churchill Downs is so beautiful this time of year. The spring colors are offset by the vintage white of the buildings. And everyone's attire is spot on - well outside of the infield anyway!

We have had many adventures and I learned a long time ago when I'm trying to work and navigate the crowds, I don't want to deal with a big floppy hat. I just don't. So, this year, thanks to the crafty know-how of my mother-in-law Elaine Sollars, I will be sporting a custom fascinator hat. It's super cute and you can make one for only about $20. It's a great accent if you'll be going to Louisville or attending one of the fun Derby events around town!

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