Sandy Lowe has lost 175 pounds all together since starting her healthy journey last year. Sandy had Gastric Sleeve Surgery to help with weight loss in September 2016. Since her surgery she has gone full speed ahead and is not looking back. Sandy is full of energy and has lots of strength and endurance to do what she needs to do.

She credits her weight loss success to God along with doing the hard work it takes to lose weight. Sandy is shrinking in size each time we meet. I did not even recognize her yesterday when she called out my name. There are a lot of changes that have taken place in her life, including how she thinks about herself and her purpose in life. Her daughters are amazed at their Mom's change and are so proud of her. Recently Sandy and her daughters helped support disability awareness in our community by joining Team Shaped by Faith and participating in the Color Blast 5K. They had a blast doing this event together!

Sandy recently started a new job that requires her to constantly move quickly on her feet. She is a care giver for a facility and is responsible for 16 patients each day. Sandy looks at life from the bright side and now welcomes all opportunities to share with others what she is learning through her weight loss journey.

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I’m Theresa Rowe encouraging you to stay fit in your body, mind and spirit!

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