Did you know there's an International Bar-B-Q Festival-inspired version of the Zodiac?  Well, here it is!  So, throw on a bib, get your Wet-Nap and find out what your Bar-B-Q sign is!


Bar-B-Q Zodiac: Barbecue Sauce

Feb 19th-March 20th

The Pisces is notoriously secretive and vague.  And nothing is kept under wraps more than a homemade recipe for barbecue sauce.  Imaginative and inventive, the Barbecue Saucers will share gladly share the delicious fruits of their labor . . . wielding a brush and lathering their meats with goodness.  But, painfully guarded, the Saucers will go into hiding when pressed on the details and they'll take their secrets with them to their pits and graves.


Bar-B-Q Zodiac: Funnel Cake

March 21st-April 19th

A long-time staple of the International Bar-B-Q Festival, the Funnel Cake is adventurous and energetic, pioneering and courageous.  You'll see them adorned in powdered sugar, fruit toppings, whipped cream and chocolate.  Impulsive and alluring, Funnel Cakes are now even available in red velvet varieties, which prove just how dynamic and confident they can be.


Bar-B-Q Zodiac: Burgoo

April 20th-May 20th

Nothing in the world of BBQ exhibits and requires more patience than Burgoo.  Warmhearted and loving, Burgoo is a sort of security blanket-in-a-bowl.  However, Burgoo can be jealous and resentful and those with the International Bar-B-Q Festival's most revered recipes are insanely possessive of them.  The Burgoo can be greedy and, despite the dozens of ingredients that work together to bring it to life, woefully inflexible.


Bar-B-Q Zodiac: Mutton

May 21st-June 20th

The Mutton is adaptable and versatile.  It can be chopped, shredded,  eaten as a sandwich or as a featured platter meat.  Just like the sheep used to create it, the Mutton is youthful and lively.  However, Mutton does have questionable qualities.  As well all know, it can be a bit inconsistent.  And, even more noticeably, Mutton can be incredibly nervous and tense and quite prone to asking itself, "Have the lambs stopped screaming?"

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Tabitha M



Bar-B-Q Zodiac: Meat Thermometer

June 21st-July 22nd

The Meat Thermometer is a epitome of protection and sympathy.  It's here for you and will let you know it.  Shrewd in its approach, the Meat Thermometer can be clinging and unable to let go . . . especially when it's jammed down into a side of pork trying to get a internal temperature reading.  The Meat Thermometer can be overemotional and touchy, but is nonetheless devoted and loving and will proceed with caution to protect the ones it loves.

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Bar-B-Q Zodiac: BBQ Ribs

July 23rd-Aug 22nd

No sign is as broadminded and as expansive as a big, meaty rack of BBQ ribs.  Though there are endless, creative ways in which Ribs choose to present themselves, they can be pompous, patronizing and bossy.  BBQ Ribs are almost intolerant and absolutely and resolutely have to have their way.  You may pry the meat off the bone, but the bone cannot be broken.


Bar-B-Q Zodiac: Cole Slaw

Aug 23rd-Sept 22

Cole Slaw is the most modest and shy of the Bar-B-Q Signs of the Zodiac.  When festival-goers are being adventurous and loading up their plates with hot, spicy and unique selections, the Cole Slaw is the diplomatic and reliable choice.  Unrelenting in its practicality, Cole Slaw can be a little fussy and will sometimes be overcritical of itself and others.


Bar-B-Q Zodiac: BBQ Chicken

Sept 23 – Oct 22

The Chicken, because it thrives in coop life, is one of the most easygoing and sociable Bar-B-Q Signs of the Zodiac.  Hopelessly romantic and charming, the Chicken is a go-to dish that's changeable and enjoyed in a variety of ways, settings and social situations.  The only real downside to the BBQ Chicken is that it can be gullible and easily influenced . . . like "Here, look at this blue light so we can slit your throat and grill you.



Bar-B-Q Zodiac: Boston butt

Oct 23-Nov 21st

Determined, forceful, powerful and passionate, there is no doubt that Scorpios, in the Bar-B-Q Zodiac, are Boston butts.  Woefully stubborn, the butts have to be slow-cooked and warmed to temp.  They can romance you and resent you in the same breath.  The butt is both compulsive and obsessive and wears those traits on the plate.  But, when the lid of the grill flies open and the smoke rolls away, is there anything more exciting and magnetic to behold?


Bar-B-Q Zodiac: The Deep Fried Fill in the Blank

Nov 22nd-Dec 21st

So, go ahead and fill in the blank.  Deep Fried Twinkie.  Deep Fried Oreo.  Deep Fried Girl Scout Cookie.  The Deep Fried Sagittarius is good-humored and fun!  However, it is woefully careless and irresponsible.  It may sound intellectual to roll oneself in cake batter then dive into a large Fry Daddy, but that's just the blind optimism that plagues this sign.  Though the Deep Fried Fill in the Blank may be freedom-loving and fun, they are often restless and self-destructive.

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Bar-B-Q Zodiac: Corn on the Cob

Dec 22nd-Jan 19th

The Corn on the Cob can be quite reserved, which explains why much of its life is lived behind the protection of its shuck.  Practical and prudent, the Corn on the Cob is the most disciplined of the signs.  For the most part, you know what you're going to get.  However, don't be fooled by its protective outer layer.  The Corn can be quite fatalistic and, when exposed to the high temps of the barbecue grill or any escalated situation, the corn can explode, combust or pop.

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Bar-B-Q Zodiac: Potato Salad

January 20th-February 18th

Friendly and humanitarian, the Potato Salad is one of the few International Bar-B-Q Festival dishes that doesn't require the slaughter of innocents.  The Potato Salad is friendly yet unpredictable.  Some potato salad is mustard-based, some mayo-based and each has its own special traits and unique characteristics.  Its recipes are original and inventive and offer something for everyone.

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