If you love to travel, take this Illinois town off your bucket list immediately.

According to a recent survey by Ranker, one Illinois city with a population of less than 5,000 has made it to the list of the top 15 places to avoid in America.

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No, it's not Chicago lol.  It's definitely not a city for tourists, though.

Of course, this is made by someone who has been to all these cities before.  Tell me if you agree with any of them!

Sand Mountain, Georgia

Apparently, it's one of the most unwelcoming cities to visit.  The residents of the "town don’t like outsiders, but they especially don’t like some outsiders." [Ranker]

Tyrone, Pennsylvania

This town has less than 6,000 in population.  The residents, supposedly, "just look at you like they're waiting for your car to be unattended." [Ranker]


Alright, now that you know just a few others that landed on the not-so-great list, here's which small town took one for the team in Illinois.

Illinois City Ranked Among Top 15 Places to Avoid in America


What's the reason Anna, Illinois landed on the list?

"The colleges are dying, and with their places like Carbondale (the closest thing to civilization outside of the St. Louis burbs). There are no jobs worth much, so anyone who wants to go somewhere in life would move elsewhere quickly." [Ranker]


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Honestly, I figured Rockford would make the list only because not that many people speak highly of this town.  From the crime, to bad drivers, to having so many stores close down month after month, I was sure it'd be #1.

What cities do you think should be on this "avoidable" list and why?

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