It's about time to grab your favorite inflatable tube and immerse yourself in the gentle waters of our beautiful rivers and waterways around Illinois.

What Do I Need to Safely Float an Illinois River?

Before you head out for a river adventure there are a few things to prepare for and be aware of to keep you and your fellow floaters safe.

According to insurance company PayneWest, there are a couple of things to consider before making the drive to your launch point on the river. Including knowing how long you'll be out, and if you'll need someone to pick you up at a drop-off and pick-up location.

Checking river conditions and the latest weather forecast is critical to safely floating the river. Being stuck on the water when a severe thunderstorm pops up can be dangerous.

While you're out on the river floating, here are 6 things you'll want to know while you go according to PayneWest:

  1. Stay hydrated. Drinking only adult beverages can not only impair your judgment while on the water, but it will quickly dehydrate you. Balance it out with water and soda.
  2. Secure your valuables. If there's something you would be sad to lose, leave it at home. And have a plan for your car keys.
  3. No new tattoos while floating. "If you've gotten new ink in the last 4 weeks, you'll want to hold off on heading to the river, ocean or even pools and hot tubs, according to PayneWest.
  4. Watch out for your group and have a floating buddy so no one ever gets left behind.
  5. Be aware of wildlife in the area.
  6. People will be out fishing while you're floating, so be aware not to get caught in their fishing lines.

Where To Find a River Floating Adventure in Illinois

When you're ready to take an unforgettable journey where time slows down and your worries fade away, here are some of the finest river-floating adventures in Illinois:

FoxHollow Tubing in Sheridan, Illinois on the Fox River

White Pelican Canoe and Kayak on the Rock River

Vermillion River Rafting 


  Kishwaukee Canoe on the Kishwaukee River

Larsen's Landing on the Kishwaukee River

Kickapoo Adventures on the Middle Fork River




Scull and Oars Kayak and Canoe through Glacial Park

Tube On Outfitter on the Kishwaukee River

Paddle On Outfitters brings gear to you

Cache Bayou Outfitters on Cache River Wetlands

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