Are you warming up for the game on Sunday? No, I know you're not playing, I mean are you warming up your stomach, to eat!

Sure, there's a holiday totally devoted to eating, in November and obviously we're thankful for it... but there's another 'holiday,' in February that is packed with just about the same amount of delicious fun.

Some would say they prefer Super Bowl foods over Thanksgiving foods, for me it's a close call.

Especially after I checked out this survey from They used their internet brains to come up with the ten most searched for food items for Super Bowl weekend in Illinois and I'm totally here for this.

Are you ready?

The number one searched food in Illinois during Super Bowl weekend is... Pizza slices!

Seriously, pizza is trumping everything else, with 146,867 searches, which is quite alot compared to the second place on the list, chicken wings, with just 83,847 searches.

Coming in third we've got burgers, then cookies, chili, hot dogs, BBQ ribs, chips nc dips, shrimp and ice cream.

I could do without the shrimp and chili, but other than that I'm very excited to think that when I go to my brother's house for the game Sunday, the table will be filled with the other eight items.

The real question is though, are the searches due to what we're making and bringing to the party? Or is it more searches based on commercials we see during the game.

The study says they use this to figure out the rankings:

Using Google Search Volumes, 30 of the USA’s most popular Super Bowl dishes were analyzed, to see which item had been searched the most over Super Bowl weekend last year. These were then compiled, and a top 10 ranking was created.


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