Right now, we are enjoying not having to swat away those nasty pests, mosquitoes. However, it won't be much longer until they return to Indiana yards.

While I am not a fan of this cold, winter weather we are experiencing here in Indiana, I am certainly happy that we don't have to deal with mosquitoes on top of that. I can see myself out in my backyard swatting away at mosquitoes and slipping on the ice. Honestly, I'd probably go viral if someone were to film that. In any event, while it isn't mosquito season in Indiana right now, we all know that it is coming soon.

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I don't know about you, but I always have a BAD mosquito problem in my yard. I can't even walk outside for two minutes without having to swat those pests away. It's a nuisance that nobody wants to deal with. Maybe you have tried citronella candles while sitting on your patio. That helps for sure. Perhaps you have lemongrass or peppermint plants in your yard to help keep the mosquitoes away. Somehow it seems that they are all only so effective. We all dread the day when these things are invading our yard, but when will that be?

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When Does Mosquito Season Start in Indiana?

According to Terminix:

<p>Mosquitoes thrive under certain conditions, and these help dictate the when mosquitoes are active and non-active. Typically, mosquitoes become active at temperatures above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. However, they require temperatures above 70 degrees Fahrenheit to truly thrive.</p><p>Additionally, mosquitoes prefer moist, humid environments. These are prime breeding conditions, and warm areas with heavy rainfall may see increased mosquito populations and activity.</p>

That being said, mosquito season for us here in Indiana will be coming up from April through September. That's when the temperature and conditions will be just right. So, we have a couple of months to prepare ahead of time for these pests to invade our yard.

If you want to stay ahead and prepare for the upcoming mosquito season, Terminix offers a few suggestions. We also have a couple of hacks that you can try to keep mosquitoes away. These include a DIY mosquito trap idea that you can try out, as well as a DIY beer mosquito repellant too.

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