Over the weekend, I saw that some awesome news was posted on Facebook. Now, if you are on social media, much at all, you know good news is a rare thing.

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How about this for some great news?

The beloved and Iconic drive-in restaurant, Zesto plans to be around for a lot longer. Yep, everything that we all love about Zesto is going to continue thanks to new ownership.

Brief history of Zesto and the Hardesty family

According to Peg Hardesty,

<p>Todd’s parents were Tom and Pat Hardesty. Married in 1955 and had 11 children from 1957-1978 Dan is the 3rd oldest. Todd is the “middle” child . When they bought Zesto in March 1971 they lived just a few blocks away on the corner of Ravenswood and Grand. Pat maintained the books and the kids The kids who were 10 and older and born at the time worked at Zesto until they were at least 18 including the last 3 who born after 1971. Dan left Zesto and worked briefly then came back and eventually he and Mary bought the restaurant and property from his parents. They have ran it since. </p><p> </p>

What we love abour Zesto

Best soft serve I’ve ever had. In general, I’ve had the best desserts in Indiana than anywhere else in the USA. We got a medium chocolate and vanilla soft serve which was bigger than we expected but we still finished everything. Delicious! - Julie T.Love love love this place. Tenderloin or burgers you can't go wrong. Busy little joint been there for years. Went to visit my mom and went to Zestos. Gary mom and i used to make trips there just to eat. If yall ever in Evansville Indiana.MUST VISIT!! - Debbie M.I love Zesto. It is a nostalgic nod to days gone by. There is only outdoor dining or take it to go. Highly recommend the Double Z! - Kelly S.Love it!!!!! As always for years!! My husband and I love their burgers ,fries, and milkshakes!! We sometimes get the milkshakes on the weekends when my daughter comes over , she loves them too.. And my parents have been coming here for years, they are 77 yrs old and they make the drive for the food and milkshakes too.. They brought me and my sister here when we were kids... Now my grandkids are able to enjoy Zesto's now too..Thank you for being a part of my family's lives for all these years.. - Sheila R.

Zesto Info


Thank you, Zesto and the Hardesty family, for giving us so many great years. Here's to many more!

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