The pandemic changed all of our lives.  We all learned to adjust to a way none of us had probably imagined.  I loved some changes but others I am so glad to see them back the way they were.


While I know that the pandemic and COVID are no laughing matter I wanted to take a moment to say this article is in no way meant to disrespect those who have truly lost during these times.  It is more on the side of lightheartedness.

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I dare to say there are a million things we took for granted before the world was lockdown.  Those things are now something we cherish even more.  Hugs, handshakes, being able to have a real-life conversation with a person, you know the personable things.  And then there are those things that are totally silly and materialistic that don't help us function on a daily basis and we just freaking missed them and now that they're back we realize exactly how much they meant to us.  For instance, popcorn at Rural King.  Yes, I know every single person that has ever made the journey to Rural King gets it.  That popcorn is a staple.  It is everything.  When COVID came they shut it down.  A part of my heart shut down too.


Angel here and the other day I stopped by our Owensboro Rural King to get my son Braden some popcorn kernels for our old-fashioned popcorn machine.  He loves making popcorn and we had run out.  As soon as I hit the first set of automatic sliding doors a familiar smell hit my nose.  It was POPCORN!  My steps got quicker as the next set of doors opened to that beautiful shining box with those golden yellow puffs.  OMG, it was back.  I rushed over and just stared at it for a moment.  Then I noticed it was a hands-free machine.  All you have to do is place the bag over a metal shoot and push a button and popcorn comes rushing down.  It was a magical experience.  Apparently, it's been back in a lot of stores since this summer.  I am just happy it's back.


I would venture to say for a lot of folks Rural King popcorn brings back some pretty darn good memories.  I remember when my big boys were young we didn't have a whole lot of money after my divorce.  One thing that we could do is go to Rural King get popcorn and walk around.  They could see the animals and look at the toys and they thought they were doing something.  It was special for all of us and it gave this momma a break.

What is something you missed during the pandemic and you're super happy it's back?  Head over to the WBKR Facebook Page and tell us.

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