It's National Hot Chocolate Day and that means we must celebrate in a fun way.  Everyone has had a cup of hot chocolate but have you ever tried Frozen Hot Chocolate?


Angel here and my older boys and I went on tons of adventures together when they were little.  I wanted to soak up as much time with them as I could.  We often traveled to Holiday World in the summer to enjoy the rides, water, and games and by the end of the day, we were exhausted.  When they were little there wasn't an easy way to travel from Owensboro to Santa Claus so we had to take IND-245 back home.  We called this the roller-coaster road (if you know you know).  We had passed this little shop several times before but had never stopped to go in.  The boys begged me this one particular day and I said yes.  We parked and made our way inside Santa's Candy Castle.  It was truly a sight to see.  The boys were in awe.  Candy and toys were everywhere, it was a little piece of the North Pole right in front of us.  I was most excited they had a snack counted and food.  I noticed several other visitors were all drinking this dark frozen beverage.  I asked one lady and she said "oh my goodness it is Frozen Hot Chocolate, you have to try it".  I was sold and the boys and I got one to share.  It was the most delicious thing I had tasted in a long time.  Before I knew it they had sucked it all down and we were ordering another one with brain freezes LOL.

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My boys are now 17 & almost 19 and to this day when we head to Santa Claus, they always ask if we can go to Santa's Candy Castle.  It has become a tradition for our family.  The shop has many fun things to do throughout the season when they are open.  The only bad news is they are not currently open but will be in May.  Here are their hours.


Don't worry if you were wanting to try some frozen hot chocolate there are several places in Owensboro that serve it.  We have tried it from The Creme Coffee House, Dunkin' Donuts, and Starbucks.  All are equally delicious and perfect if you are looking for a sweet treat to celebrate National Hot Chocolate Day.  ENJOY!

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