The next time you're in Louisville or Lexington, it's really late at night--like REALLY LATE--treat yourself to some cookies.

You ever get a late-night craving for a cookie and you have to have one and you go downstairs or down the hall or whatever ONLY to find the Oreo package or the cookie jar is empty?

Never fun.

If you're in either of Kentucky's largest cities for any reason, your troubles are over thanks to Insomnia Cookies.

Now, when I first heard of Insomnia Cookies, I honestly thought they were cookies that had been jazzed up with caffeine.

Sounds silly, I guess, but in 2020, I believe ANYTHING is possible.

But no, we're not talking about cookies that will put an extra spring in your step. We're just talking about cookies you need at 2AM because, well, you need a cookie.

And here's the best part...THEY DELIVER.

Yes, if it's the middle of the night and you're craving cookies, you don't have to put a raincoat over your pajamas and drive to get them. They will deliver them to your door.

When I was in college and the Arby's around the corner from our dorm in Bowling Green started delivering (to students only), we thought the wheel had been re-invented.

Imagine how apoplectic we'd be if we could've had COOKIES delivered.

I wonder if they'd bring milk, too.

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