After years of people begging for them to come back, the makers of Skittles are finally granting wishes and bringing back Lime Skittles.

Back in 2013, Mars Wrigley had a bright idea to change up the flavor to the green Skittle from Lime to Green Apple. Needless to say, this decision was met with a lot of negative feedback. I'd be lying if I said that I like the Green Apple flavor more than the Lime. Ever since they made the switch, I always give the green and yellow Skittles away and eat the rest. Sorry, not sorry.

All Lime Packs of Skittles

Earlier this year, Skittles released all Lime packs of Skittles to try to see just how much everyone missed the Lime flavor. According to Skittles' Twitter, Skittles All Lime Packs would only be available during the summer for a limited time. However, they teased that if we buy them out, marketing might bring them back forever! I wouldn't be mad about that at all!

Bye, Bye Green Apple. Welcome Back Lime!

It appears that things went over well with the Skittles All Lime Packs over the summer because Skittles, true to their word, have decided to ditch Green Apple and replace them with the OG green Skittle. Lime Skittles will be returning permanently to the Original and Sour packages of Skittles. We won't have to wait too long either because these new packs will be hitting shelves this October, according to Candy Hunting.

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Here's The Thing About Skittles...

Everyone has their favorite flavor of Skittles, but in reality, all Skittles taste the same. Now, I know what you're thinking, and I thought the same thing. "There's no way that they are the same flavor." However, one neuropsychologist named Don Katz, has completely crushed everything we thought that we knew about Skittles.

This is seriously mind-boggling! Apparently, we believe that they taste different because our brains associate their colors with certain tastes. Oh, but it gets worse! They like to further trick our minds with these so-called "flavors" by giving Skittles different fragrances associated with that specific color, but they all taste exactly the same!

It makes you question a lot of things, really. You can read more on this by clicking here.

If you don't believe any of that nonsense then here's another cool thing about Skittles. If you drop some Skittles in a glass of water, the "S" on the candy will float to the top. It's a pretty cool little trick that you can see for yourself by clicking here.

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