The fashion! The neon! The neon fashion! You are invited to step into the ultimate '80s time capsule as we look at some of the most iconic movies from this awesomely golden age of filmmaking.

But, you're going to have to work for it. Here's the twist: We're only going to give you one freeze-frame from each movie and you'll have to use your totally tubular '80s nostalgia recall to guess the movies they are from.

'80s Movies

Angsty Teens and Aliens Next Door

The '80s were a time of John Hughes teen flicks galore. It was tough not to relate to at least one of the characters in these coming-of-age films. Whether you were the lovable geek, angst-ridden wannabe or the misunderstood outsider, everyone found a piece of themselves in each of these iconic movies.

Stephen Spielberg made us ask "Are we alone?" and he had the special effects to make the possibility more real than ever. Suddenly it wasn't about the creepy house on the hill, it was about mystery and adventure in your own backyard.

And bikes—so many bikes.

Let's Get This '80s Movie Party Started

Although we provided some clear hints, some might be intended to mislead you. But since you were a Blockbuster cowboy, investing your hard-earned money from your paper route into weekend rentals, we think you'll probably ace this.

The first photo is your clue, then scroll for the answer. Good luck!

QUIZ: Can You Identify the Iconic '80s Film From Just a Single Freeze-Frame?

Embark on a journey through '80s nostalgia with kids (and aliens) on bikes, and teens dodging principles (and responsibilities). We've put the proverbial pause on some of the decade's most iconic flicks, and now it's your mission to name them all.

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