About seven years ago, I was watching the Hulu mini-series 11.22.63 based on the novel by Stephen King. It told the story of a man who goes back in time to prevent the Kennedy assassination.

When he lands in 1963, he's in the fictional town of Holden KY. When the series flashed a map across the screen, I noticed the town's proximity to Owensboro. I drove down there--about 12 miles south of my hometown, give or take--to see what, if anything, was there. It was a new subdivision under construction, and that was it.

A Fictional Kentucky Town Presented Very Realistically as a REAL Town

But Holden was PRESENTED as fictional--I mean, obviously, right? There's another town that was given such a rich history by its creator that folks have actually believed it DOES exist. I'm talking about Elsewhere, which is near the Kentucky Lake area. See? I just did it. How can ANY town that doesn't exist be near ANY lake?

So, what's the deal with Elsewhere KY? I'll tell you what the deal is. Actually, Seamus Coffey--who has one of the best names ever--can do a better job of that. Coffey wrote a disturbing story and posted it on Reddit back in 2015. Fourriversexplorer.com offers this summary:

The story is written from his personal account about a time he visited Elsewhere, a town that once existed two miles north of New Concord.  It tells of the grisly and secretive history of the settlement and its subsequent disappearance in the 1950s.

The Story of Elsewhere KY Was Written Documentary-Style

Coffey wrote it from a documentary-like point of view. It makes sense that people have believed that Elsewhere KY actually exists. The story is available to read here, but it does come with a language warning. Or you can hear it right here:

My favorite part just might be the mention of how it's been scrubbed from Google maps. Very nice touch. As for Halloween--or ANY time of the year you're in the mood for something creepy--this entire STORY is a nice touch.

Now, I'll sit back and wait for the movie; there really should be one.

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