When I started working for WBKR/WOMI back in 2007, I didn't immediately move to Owensboro. After a couple of months, I finally found a place, and one night, I thought a freight train was rolling through my living room.

The epicenter of a 4.5 magnitude earthquake hit our neighbors in Mt. Carmel, Illinois on April 18th, 2008 at around 5 in the morning. I remember growing up, I would hear about "tremors" and I immediately, yet quietly, freak out. Ironically, I did see the movie Tremors but that's a whole different type of quake.

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If you grew up around here, you know about the big one that was supposed to hit the New Madrid Fault in December of 1990. The reason was the biggest quake ever recorded in the lower 48 states occurred in 1812 in New Madrid, Missouri. The quake was a magnitude of 8.0 which is a tad higher than the one that struck San Francisco in 1906.



Monday night, two small quakes hit Western Kentucky. The first one, a 3.3 quake, hit near Calhoun at 9:45 p.m. A second small quake-magnitude 2.4- was felt near the Webster County community of Onton on Monday night.

Owensboro is 21 miles away from Calhoun. I don't recall any shaking or power blinking last night. To be fair, back in 2008, I lived on the first floor of an apartment in an older house. I live on the second floor of another old house now. Wouldn't that be more dangerous?

Find out more about Monday night's quakes and look up past quakes, quakes happening every day around the world, and more data HERE.

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